It's a trap

Welcome to the Escape Room located right in the heart of Kracow City Centre at Karmelicka street 54/7, where you can discover the secrets of our unique rooms. The striking realism of the decor combined with original puzzles and clever mechanisms will provide everyone with a huge dose of extraordinary excitement!

Ikona pokoju zagadek

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Ikona Casu gry

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Ikona ppłatności

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What is an Escape Game all about?

In the past, this kind of entertainment was possible only in the virtual world, but today you can experience a live adventure game! Our escape room offers fantastic entertainment at the highest level for everyone - both old-timers and novices.

Ikona Szukaj wskazówek Ikona Szukaj wskazówek czerwona

Search for Clues

Ikona Sprawdzaj pomysły Ikona Sprawdzaj pomysły czerwona

Try Out Ideas

Ikona Rozwiązuj zagadki Ikona Rozwiązuj zagadki czerwona

Solve Riddles

Ikona Wydostań się Ikona Wydostań się czerwona

Escape The Room

How does it work? After hearing the plot you are locked in a specially arranged room that you need to escape within 60 minutes.
How do you do it? You have to find hidden items and clues, solve a number of different kinds of puzzles, and activate interesting mechanisms. To complete the mission, you need to demonstrate your genius, cleverness, and - above all - seamless team work!

Our rooms

Our rooms are prepared with the utmost care, from developing the script to the smallest of props. You will be surprised by the quality of interior design that will allow you to break away from reality and feel the unique atmosphere of each room. Special music chosen for each story will add to the excitement ensured by diverse, thought-out puzzles and mechanisms. Innovative hint systems will help you to get out of a tough spot, if necessary.

Mystery of Count Cromwell







Count Cromwell was a very mysterious man and so were the circumstances of his death. It turns out that he wanted to pass you his estate. Unfortunately, no one knows where he left his last will and testament. It’s probably hidden somewhere in his workshop. This seemingly ordinary attic hides many dark secrets. Can you find Cromwell’s will and get out of his room? And will you make it on time?


Gift Voucher

This time, instead of the traditional gift, you can give someone a dose of unforgettable experiences! Voucher is a great solution for companies that would like to reward their employees, and it could also be a fantastic surprise for your loved ones for birthdays, Christmas, to say ' thank you' or for any other occasion!

To buy a Voucher contact with us by phone +48 573 245 584 or email

Why Us?

Our team is made up of fans of escape rooms and role-playing games. The passion resulting from our interests, and the joy of the possibility of applying our experience in using these so-called games without electricity, resulted in the unique atmosphere of our rooms.

It’s a Trap is a great alternative to daily activities available in Krakow. We invite every person, who is looking for an interesting way to have fun with family, friends, or colleagues. Escaping from our rooms is also a unique idea for stag / hen parties, birthdays or corporate events.